Why aren't you productive enough?

An interesting thing happened to me a few days ago. I was browsing on Instagram and found an interesting post about how much time we lose browsing social networking sites.

"Nothing special." I thought, "I've read it elsewhere already." There were also a few application offers and I downloaded one of them with curiosity.

The next day, when I took my phone into my hand, I suddenly found myself for half an hour with my phone. No money making activities and I haven't done a useful thing. It was shocking. Half an hour went as if it were five minutes.

The app not only indicates how much you use your phone but can be set to be offline (phone calls are only possible). No notifications, messages and distractions. Your phone is in flying mode and you are as well.

Today I tried the method for an hour. I've done this before but it has had a special impact on me today. I just focused on what I wrote to my to do list. I did one task after the other without interruptions. Meanwhile, of course, my brain constantly shouted, "Look at your phone!". I didn't react and it tried to impress me emotionally and

said, "Sure you have already received thousands of hits on your still uploaded image.

Do you want to see and enjoy popularity?"

I worked one hour like this, and I could handle a lot more things. Otherwise, while I write this blog post, my phone is offline and my brain still yells sometimes. However, by overcoming these minor hurdles, you can even further develop your willpower, which then will help a lot with major tasks.

Don't be misunderstood, I'm not against technology or social networking sites. I use them a lot and I find life unimaginable today without them. However, if you turn your view that instead of looking for entertainment you concentrate on the most important things, or better with social networking you are transmitting value, helping people, giving yourself, then we are talking about another level.

I hope you find the best method for you.


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