What's the point?

Why is it important to set goals for ourselves?

Let me tell you an interesting story about this. I graduated freshly from my university studies and moved home.

Like so many students, after lots of stressful exam periods, I promised that I would never learn more, even one letter.

I felt very well at the end of this phase of my life, that I can do what I like to help people be physically and mentally stronger.

I could enjoy this feeling for exactly a week. Then a voice in my head was saying to start with myself something.

I suppressed this feeling, so I thought I had to relax after the tiring university studies. One month out of a week, then two and three ...

After three months I was completely gone and had no particular purpose for my everyday life.

Luckily, I started to coach people at this time and restored my attitude. We set goals again, I motivated my clients, and so I became also motivated.

Then I realized that at any stage of my life, I always need a purpose I can work for. I want to be every day one step ahead because I know that it will reassure my often troubled soul.

Since then, I have set myself goals in different areas of life. I'm going on a road to a certain goal that I may never reach because on the go my feelings are formed or completely changed in relation to the goal. The point is that I keep developing.

Either I learn another language, move more weights at the gym, help people, implement my own ideas, or read from an area that is far from me.

Progress makes me happy.

What makes you happy?


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