What are you grateful for?

As we work towards our goals, we always think of what is missing from our lives.

We are struggling with power to step up in all walks of life. If you do this so, just keep going, that's right! But the first step to success is to be grateful for what you have.

It is not a problem if you are dissatisfied and ambitious, but always remember that you are richer than eighty percent of the humanity.

Let me tell you two stories about this that have recently happened to me and they made me grateful.

I spent Christmas at home, in my hometown, Ada with my mother and my sister.

My mother was diligent all day long, cooked, so that we can have dinner together in the evening. By the time everything was done, the power went. The second time that day ...

At first I thought it was a temporary power outage. We spent the evening with candlelight at the table. Meanwhile, I was thinking that this is not possible in this century. Yet it is! This situation was not particularly shocking because it was repeated several times during the war we experienced.

During my work I meet many different people. In our conversations, it often turns out that people are dissatisfied with an area of ​​life.

I have been reminded many times since the power outage that, after all, here in Heidelberg, one of the best countries in Europe there is no reason to complain compared to other countries.

I experienced the other story at the end of yesterday's day. A friend not so close became homeless. I do not know the circumstances in which he lived before, nor why he got to where he is now.

I think everybody is the smith of his own luck and seeing him in this situation reminds me that:

I am grateful for my life, for the people who support me, that I am healthy, that I can choose every day what I eat and drink, where I live, that I have heating in winter,

that with my work I can help others, that I can influence my own thoughts, that from these thoughts will be actions and from which I will produce results.

It is no problem if you are dissatisfied, if you do something to make the situation better. However, if you are just dissatisfied, you will never go one to the other.

In that case, see why you can be grateful at the moment in your life.

It will be a wonderful feeling that will help you work even more on your goals.


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