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In these posts I always introduce people who inspire with their work, lifestyle or something else, me to be and to work better.

This is a huge role for Julien Pineau, whom I heard from a dear friend. I started listening to his podcast and started thinking about the nervous system, training and nutrition in ways I haven't before. Thanks to his knowledge and this sharing with us, I understand faster and better the difficulties of my clients and find a solution to these situations more easily.

More about him and his work:

From an Instagram post:

Just so y’all can see the shit works on others as well...

Ill let #coffeegirl use her words (she gained 5 pounds on the protocol, while staying at the same bodyfat %):

“You know it’s a good problem when the girl who deep slept 30 min a night starts complaining when her averages drop below 90 min.

I started the autoregulation protocols with nutrition in January. I’ll be honest. For the first two months, all I did was complain to Julien about my weight gain (which was only 1-2 pound fluctuations day to day). My body was changing, in ways I didn’t necessarily like, and I felt overwhelmed.

Today he tells me to look in the mirror. I’m about 5 pounds heavier than when he met me. My waist and hip measurements are back down to what they were at my leanest. My legs are growing. And I look almost exactly the same as I did at 155.

The whole time I thought my body was chunking up without the food scale, when in reality I was swelling up with stress that I was choosing not to face.

Where I really started to feel the change was when I started to use this information during training.

I know what being in flow feels like. And I’m good at staying there. So instead of chasing the extremes of fight where I am most uncomfortable, I push for just one inch closer every time.

Autoregulation is teaching me how to control what counts, and take action toward what

moves my center in the direction I want it to go. So that when the extremes come my way, they don’t feel so overwhelming and I can actually do something about it.

And to stop turning to food to do the dirty work for me.

I still don’t have it figured out, and what works for Julien sure as hell doesn’t always work for me. But inch by inch, we strive for better.”

Who inspires you?


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