My source of inspiration

Many people ask me why I work so much.

I have a vision. Going through this route often leads to obstacles, but if you have some role models who are already there where you want to be, it's easier.

One of the sources of inspiration for me is Bedros Keuilian.

More about him:

"7 Muscles You Must Exercise Daily👇🏼 . The world’s getting soft(er). I mean that in every possible way. . People give up and quit faster then ever. . Standards of expectations are set lower than ever. . Mediocrity is accepted as the norm... . ...and everyone is looking for the “man on the white horse” to gallop in and save them. . I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND HOW TO SOLVE IT.👇🏼 . You gotta exercise more, build yourself up in every way possible. . For most of you reading this, it’ll fall on deaf ears. It’s much easier to ignore this and swipe up to the next “feel good” post... but for the small handful of you who step up... WELL YOU’LL GO FROM A CROP-DUSTER TO A FIGHTER JET in every area of your life. . 1) Exercise your physical muscles. And no, walking doesn’t count as exercises. Push yourself against resistance, sweat, raise your heart rate and get out of breath. It’s actually good for you. . 2) Exercise your mindset muscles. Build mental toughness and emotional resilience. Do it daily and soon you’ll stop complaining, blaming and making excuses. . 3) Exercise your confidence muscles. Build your self-esteem and self-image and soon you’ll lose that emotional limp you’ve been walking around with for years. . 4) Exercise your reputation muscles. Stop lying, stop breaking promises, keep your word, do what you said you’d do. . 5) Exercise your gratitude muscles. Give thanks. Show appreciation. Come with the giving hand and soon you’ll lose the bitterness and your selfish ways. . 6) Exercise your money muscles. It’s not okay to live in debt, to settle for a weak pay check or to sustain a struggling business. Step up, expect more of yourself, get your money right, and make so much money that you create legacy wealth for your children and their children. . 7) Exercise your leadership muscles. Develop a clear vision and core values. Get others on board with your vision and core values. Expect more of others. Lead from the front (by example) and become the servant leader who impacts and influences your church, charity, business, family and community." - Bedros Keuilian Who inspires you?

Have a good one!

Your Coach,


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