Instead of a New Year's Resolution, New Year's Revolution

How many times have your New Year pledges been held so far? How long did you last?

There is a habit of making a pledge at the end of the year what we will or will not do next year. I train regularly, eat healthy, lose a few pounds, read ten minutes every day, spend time with my family every day, working every day to be more positive, lasting, healthier. We make the list, and in the first two weeks of the New Year, we are all proud of our achievements and have achieved great success.

Meanwhile, we are getting tired of the rush of life. We are not paying attention to everything and we do not keep everything from the list and after the third month there is almost nothing left of it.

I have met this phenomenon many times during my career, and it has happened to me that I gave up too early. It takes a month to practice a new habit if you practice every day. However, if there are too many new things, there is too much information and it is harder to focus.

My personal method:

- I'll do the list. I write down the things I want to do, I want to change.

- I'll ask myself what I want most and why. If your why is strong enough, you make much easier small decisions on the way to achieve your goals.

- I only focus on one thing at a time! As you do more things at once, your attention is broken. Start with the most important thing, focus only on that every day and when you feel after a month that you have the habit, the next point can come.

Imagine if you only learn something new every two months and build it into your everyday life, the result will be different than when you started.

What to expect on the road?

Difficulties, temptation, temporary failures. In this case, remember why you started, what you want to achieve. No one will work for your purposes if you do nothing.

That's why you need a revolution, not a resolution!

Strong determination, discipline, perseverance, concentration, and work will bring success, and many little results will be added. You will not notice it but at the end of the year you are a completely different person.

I wish you to have courage to dream big, to have strength to change and to be proud of yourself when you reach your goals!


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