Do you enjoy the journey?

During my work I meet a lot of people. I know all personality types, but what is common to almost everyone is impatience.

They want quick results. The world of today's media is saying that there is a quick solution to everything. This is possible, but there is hard work behind it.

A 30-minute workout is already a big contributor to being healthy. But for this you have to go to the gym every day, run outside or just do your own exercises at home in your room.

At the beginning, everyone is motivated and after learning the basics, we are already demanding the results for our hard-pressed 30-minute training session.

This is not how it works!

There are very good ways to achieve your goals, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, conditioning, and so on. You can always decide to ask for help from a professional personal trainer, who you work with three times a week; if you are more disciplined, you can decide to participate in online coaching, and on a weekly basis you get a workout plan that you do at home or in the gym. No matter what you decide, you have to get the job done if you want to be successful.

Nobody will do it for you!

That's why it's important to enjoy the way you walk and not compare yourself to others. It is not important where you are at in your life, but where you were a year, a month, a week, a day ago. If you just step forward a bit, you're already successful!

"Progress equals happiness" - Tony Robbins

Let me tell you a story from my university years. I went to Szeged (Hungary) to the teacher training college for physical education and recreation. Of course we started the first year with my classmates. After the first semester I was injured and two surgeries had to be done. The rehabilitation took another year and everything lasted about a year and a half until I was able to train again. During this time I could only complete the theoretical subjects. It was very bad that I could not experience practical subjects with my own grade. I was going to swim every day to heal as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, of course frustration just got worse in me because I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. This period has taught me to deal with what I can influence and that I can't speed up time. BUT!

I can change my thoughts and my attitude to things. I didn't focus on what I couldn't do

but what I can do. I knew that I have to go my pace and not other's. I dropped the weights off and it released unbelievable energy in me.

I did what I could in that moment. I focused on the theoretical subjects and to join the others as soon as possible. I learned more about rehabilitation methods and healthy eating, I went to swim and did exercises that didn't load my legs.

I became a master of mental warfare!

Soon I could go back to the practical classes and show how much I was mentally and physically advanced. I had more classes than ever before, trained like never before and

as a result, I managed to bring back the gap. I am proud of me for my accomplishment, because I learned that hard times are carving a diamond from me.

Therefore, do not give up if you are struggling with difficulties, obstacles or any seemingly insoluble situation. Focus on yourself, your own journey and what you can control, your own thoughts.

Know that life is throwing things at you, to become a brilliantly shining diamond!

Your Coach,


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