How to improve your fitness if you should start from zero?

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I grew up not being sporty or coordinated, and I have a full time job that makes me sit in a computer all day but also require a lot of travelling and eating out. I used to go to the gym to work out, but I never saw any improvements. I felt weak, miserable and sad about my body.

I met Lajos 1.5 years ago as my coach together with the rest of the people he coaches, I felt so motivated to go regularly. Even if we workout in a group, he is always mindful of my own struggles with the workout and teaches me proper techniques so I can progress. What I like the most is that even when I was an unfit person, he truly believed in me, even when there are times when I did not believe in myself. With his constant pushing despite my fears, I learned how to do gymnastic movements an uncoordinated person like me can ever imagine doing: toe to bars, handstand pushups, double unders and headstands. There are still so many things to learn- and I am 100% sure he will help me achieve my goals.

With workouts from Lajos and healthy eating habits, I lost 12 kilos, went down from size 40 to 36, and I feel stronger as ever as I reach new PR’s. I always look forward to training days with Lajos, not only because I see results and feel accomplished with each session with him, but also because it is always fun and motivating. Clarizza Lim, 30  


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